Custom Quilting is my Specialty!

This is what I like most, to make the quilt look like it was hand quilted. This also keeps your quilt looking different then all the quilts made with the same pattern.

When I do Custom quilting I use quilting designs that work best with the top I am quilting. For example if the top is flowers, I will quilt flowers, butterflies, and different fillers. Or if it is a woodsy look I will quilt bears, trees, or maybe leaves.

In any of the background areas, triangles, squares what ever the shape is I will pick a design and fit it to that area and quilt it. Sometimes I will quilt in the pieced design itself. Where I quilt will be determined by the piecing of the top, and what will look best.

I will ask you who it's for a male or female? This will help decide what type of designs to use. What do they like or dislike. The quilt is yours and we want you to like what goes on it. I will do what ever you request or if you want I will do the designing of what I feel is best.

I do love to do Feather designs so if I get the chance I do them, if it works on the quilt.

I will also need to know what color thread you want me to use or I can also make that choice for you.

We will work together to make your quilt a masterpiece.